Virginia - Direct Hire - Associate Engineer, Chemical Testing

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Newport News, VA
Associate Engineer, Chemical Testing

Bachelor’s degree, engineering + 2yrs experience in testing polymer-based composites

Direct Hire
Negotiable Salary

Job Description: ✨

- Maintains awareness of trends in bio-composite and bio-derived materials as well as underlying societal and market drivers through appropriate sources. (e.g. journals, trade publications, news, academic sites, trade shows, conferences, continuing education)
- Executes research, development and testing methods.
- Participates in relationships with outside partners in academia, industry and start-up companies.
- Interprets physical and analytical material testing results; uses results to make informed decisions.
- Directly interacts with new and potential outside market sources to understand and rationalize potential customer needs using direct interviews, phone interviews, questionnaires and surveys.
- Interacts with senior engineering and management staff for idea exchange and guidance.
- Develops product/process specifications, test methods and interprets customer requirements.
Identifies potential opportunities; weighs against company alignment, internal and external potential, resource risk and other relevant factors.
- Identifies potential industry and academic partners needed to capitalize on proposed ideas.
- Writes test plans for technicians in Business Development Engineering and supporting departments.

Job Qualifications: ✨

- Bachelor’s degree in Polymer Engineering, Plastics Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering or related field of engineering

- 2-5 years of experience in formulating, and testing polymer-based composites.

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