Ontario, Canada - Direct Hire - Project Design Lead, Computer Software

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Toronto, Ontario
Project Design Lead,
Computer Software

Product/Design lead experience in a large enterprise; building enterprise products (B2B);proficiency with Figma

Direct Hire
Negotiable salary


-Collaborate with product, data, engineering, and senior management to define design strategy
-Build team cohesion and shared vision among the various functional areas, including product managers, designers, engineers, and QA
-Ability to handle a rapidly changing environment
-Ability to own design process end-to-end from concept to implementation including a basic analysis of success measurement
-Share work early and often and seek out constructive feedback from peers, product teams, and other stakeholders
-Gather feedback from others, and provide coaching and mentoring of direct reports
-Supervise co-op design students and junior designers


-Experience as a Product or design lead in a large enterprise
-Experience building enterprise products (B2B)
Mastery of user-centred design principles
-Proficiency with key design tool - Figma

-Experience leading digital transformation or design thinking programs across the organization
-Expertise in building or working with design systems, design tools, and prototyping tools

-Know how to thoughtfully design complex products for scale working with an evolving design system
-Strong desire to take initiative; thrive on change and be comfortable with ambiguity
-Proficiency with web and accessibility standards

Next Step Questions:✨

1) Tell me about yourself?
2) Tell me about a time you disagreed with Product/Engineering…What was the end outcome and how did you resolve it?
3) Tell me about a product/feature you designed for and the outcomes/successes/failures/learnings from it
4) How do you keep your design philosophy up to date?
5) Walk me through step by step what a design sprint is.

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