Missouri - Direct Hire - Structural Engineer, Steel & Heat Recovery

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Fenton, MO
Structural Engineer, Steel & Heat Recovery

Bachelor degree in civil engineering or Associates degree and equivalent work experience + 5+yrs of heat recovery experience + knowledge of steel design & boiler equipment

Direct Hire
Negotiable Salary

Submit resume via: www.bkoutlooks.com

Overview: ✨

-Minimum of 5 years of heat recovery experience
-Knowledge of steel construction and design
-Knowledge of boiler equipment and limitations
-Civil Engineering Degree.

Job Responsibilities: ✨

-Perform design functions specific to the structural engineering scope for Specialty Boilers to suit the needs of customer requirements.
-Completes all relevant design calculations for development of final drawings for the fabrication and supply of structural components.
-Design decisions based upon good practices with understanding of core structural/mechanical concepts.
-Resolves customer questions, supplier/fabricator requests for changes and scope modifications.
-Performs design calculations specific to structural scope.
-Reviews final drawings representing the designs generated.
-Performs development work associated to Design Guides & Layout Guidelines, and Engineering Policies focused on improvements.
-Works with contractors to review designs and provide detailed comments and questions.
-Works with customers and other departments for communication needs, clarification and justification of designs and follow-up information.

Job Qualifications: ✨

-Good understanding of steel design.
-Knowledge of boiler equipment and limitations, preferred.
-Ability to understand and perform job requirements to execute projects.
-Brings steel knowledge to the role; ability to learn structural design concepts specific to N/E
-Ability to think originally, possess sound judgment and develop competence and confidence in all phases of the job.
-Capable of developing good working relationships with clients and internal customers.
-Driven to perform tedious calculations with precise results.
-Four-year college education, Civil Engineering preferred.
-5+ years of experience in heat recovery

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