Massachusetts - Contract Hire - R&D Chemist Associate

Marlborough, MA
R&D Chemist Associate

Bachelors degree in Chemistry or related + entry-level experience 1-3yrs working in a research laboratory environment with electroplating and metallization products

Contract Hire, 9mths
Negotiable Salary
United States Resident

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Job Qualifications: ✨

-Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or a relevant applied science/engineering discipline required
-Entry-level experience, 1-3yrs.
-Excellent practical laboratory skills required.
-Experience in electrochemistry or electrochemical techniques, inorganic chemistry, surface science, and/or metallization techniques are highly preferred.
-Experience with a wide range of analytical techniques including SEM, HPLC, GC, NMR, Microscopy, wet chemical, electrochemical, and surface analysis methods.

Job Responsibilities: ✨

-Research and development of new metallization products and processes and the evaluation of new technologies.
-Support project development of products through experimentation from assessment to implementation.
-Screen new metallization products via analytical procedures or standard operating practices utilized within the metallization R&D group.
-Compliance with environmental health and safety best practices.
-Demonstrated ability to conduct experiments and evaluations independently and as part of a team while exhibiting a strong commitment to safety at all levels.
-Knowledge of the use of experimental design and statistics for planning and analyzing experiments is preferred.
-Attention to detail and procedure as defined by best practices within the metallization group.
-Participate in a team approach to product development by sharing knowledge, ideas, and creativity.
-Strong skills in problem-solving using multiple methods to identify and resolve product development barriers required.
-Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills necessary.
-Strong team player, but also able to work independently with limited supervision.
-Strong attention to detail.
-Maintains a high level of safety awareness and an active voice for addressing EHS issues.
-Strong commitment to core safety values and best practices for safety including review of risk assessments, job safety protocols, standard operating procedures, and MSDS.
-Enthusiastic learner and ability to attain competency quickly in an unfamiliar area of work.

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