Maryland - Direct Hire - Project Manager, DeltaV DCS

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Frederick, MD
Project Manager, DeltaV DCS

BS degree; mechanical / industrial engineering + 5yrs experience; DeltaV DCS experience required

Direct Hire
Negotiable salary

Job Description:✨

- Responsible for project execution, task identification, prioritization and scheduling, task ordering, time tracking and reporting, financial tracking and reporting, early problem identification and conflict resolution, hardware requisition, supporting engineers, and attending project status meetings.
- Develop and execute engineering implementation plans and/or project charters
- Ensure that all project team members clearly understand the scope of engineering responsibilities
- Develop engineering schedules for project team and customer requirements
- Responsible for engineering-related purchasing and subcontractor requirements
- Responsible for development of costs and proposal of change orders to contract scope
- Develop and implement a cash flow plan for the project including A/R collections and project invoicing
- Ensure compliance with all regulations, codes, etc. as they apply to the contract and project(s), inclusive of GAMP, CFR-11, CGMP.
- DeltaV DCS experience required.
- Understand the capital authorization request process through local governance.

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